eBook Testimonials

Here are some of the comments we have received from purchasers from all over the world:
I just got your Canadian guide which was good. Do you have a guide for the US colleges?
B.Hunspal, India
in 2012 my brother used an immigration lawyer in Calgary. I wish you had released this guide 2 years ago. It would have saved him a lot of money. I am applying this year with your guide.
Z.Zhao, China
Very helpful book. How will I receive updates?
D. Valiyev, Azerbaijan
Excellent value for money!!!!!!!!
M. Soares, Kansas
Thanks to the author - I just go accepted at UBC and applied for a shcolarship - fingers crossed!
NB. Varghese, India
Helpful for me. My friends are also using it
V.Viswanath, India
Please send us your testimonials and comments and any thing you would like to add in a future version which you will get for free.
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